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The story of granite is one of extremes. Hot magma rose from beneath the Earth's crust, then cooled, remaining under pressure for millions of years. This resulted in granite's unique granular structure with mica, quartz and feldspar crystals.

Beauty from the heart of the earth


Q. Is granite the same as marble?

A. No. Granite was formed by extreme heat and pressure from within the earth. Marble, on the other hand was formed by sedimentation beneath the ocean floor. As a result, granite is harder, more dense, more scratch and heat resistant. Marble and granite also react differently to various household chemicals and conditions. Frankly, we think granite is better, but if you want marble, we can get it.


Q. Are granite countertops hard to clean?

A. No.We offer a DuPont Bulletproof Warranty for your countertops that is easy to apply. But never use chemicals or abrasives. We offer a spectacular cleaner from DuPont that will not only easily clean your granite, it also bounces back to life some of the granite's color with each use.


Q. Is it OK to set hot pans directly on my granite countertop?

A. Yes. Granite is heat resistant. That's why it's better than marble.


Q. Does granite stain?

A. Not if it's properly sealed. All stone is porous to some degree, though, so dark spots may still show a few minutes after a liquid substance is wiped away. Oil stains can be problematic, but cleaning solutions are available for that purpose. We recommend sealing your granite countertops every 12 months. We proudly offer a "Bullet Proof" sealer from DuPont. This sealer is excellent and also applicable to marble. *Additional fees may apply.


Q. Can I cut on my granite countertop?

A. If you want to ruin your knives, go right ahead. Yes, you can in a pinch, but cutting boards are always preferred.


Q. Can granite be damaged, chipped or cracked?

A. Sure, if you whack it with a hard object like a hammer, but why on Earth would you do that? See next question.


Q. Can damaged, chipped or cracked granite be repaired?

A. Yes, we use a mixture of epoxy and ground chips of granite and a light polishing to repair and reseal damaged surfaces.  


Q. Will my granite countertop have a seam?

A. It depends on a few things. The maximum length of a countertop before a seam is required is 106 inches. Other issues like door height limitations, weight and unique angles may require the need of a seam.  In general, seams are visible, but won't detract from the look of your countertop.


Q. On the day on installation, how long does it take to get my granite installed?

A. 3 to 4 hours for a standard size kitchen and 1 to 2 hours for a vanity top is average. Actual time for your job may be affected by tear-out, layout, and size requirements.


Q. How long does it take to complete my order from time of signing the purchase order to completion of the install?

A. Approximately 3 weeks.


Q. Do I have to buy a whole slab of granite?

A. No, you only pay for the amount of square footage of the slab or slabs needed to produce your countertops.


Q. What is required to get the job started?

A. A down payment of 50% of the total price is required to begin the work. The final 50% is required after you sign the Certificate of Completion.

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